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Welll we have a one volume manga here called Mosaic Rasen. It is a wonderful manga by the Queen herself, Hagio Moto!! I am so excited to announce the first “part” because it is a great one. We will be releasing the rest in maybe 2-3 or so more parts. Again, this is only a volume long so should not take us years to finish ~.~  Anywho, please download, read, and let us know if you liked it or not 😛

GRZ Release #0011: Mosaic Rasen Ch.1A

Back to business.

  • We currently need at least 1-2 more cleaners and typesetters for our series. A few translators (any languages) would be ideal also if possible so please head on over to the recruitment page and fill out the short form ^^.
  • Donations: If you feel like you could spare us some change to help by raws it would be much appreciated! Fill out the contact form on the right side of the site to get my paypal info :S
  • We need a webmaster; Someone who is good at wordpress and making pages and or someone who can help build a whole new site (fancy huh?).
  • Expect to see the forums getting bigger as we start working on them. Please take the time to join.

As always, happy reading and please come and visit us again! :3


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