New Oneshot: What is Love? by Gengoroh Tagame

Hope you all had a wonderful valentines day! My was pretty busy, looking forward to cheap candy tomorrow 😉

Today we have a oneshot out of the Tsustui Manga book that we did another oneshot from. These oneshots are based on stories by SF author Yasutaka Tsutsui. While looking thru the book we saw a oneshot by the Bara master himself, Gengoroh Tagame. While his works aren’t for everyone, they sure as hell are something I am glad we got to work on. Expect some mild erotic stuff, but nothing too raunchy. Enjoy!

What is Love? by Gengoroh Tagame –  Oneshot
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New Series: Mako & Rumi & Chii – Chapters 13 and 14

Well this series only has about 5 chapters left that weren’t scanlated, So I figured we would pick it up. We have it all ready to go (17 is the final chap) but I think ill release the rest of it next week. Enjoy some more Tezuka goodness!!

Mako & Rumi & Chii –  Volume 001 Chapter 013
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Mako & Rumi & Chii –  Volume 001 Chapter 014
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Announcement: Mobuko’s Love is now Licensed! Dropped.

We all love to see a good series get licensed, and this time its for Mobuko! The series is officially licensed by Media Do as an ebook only series, and vol.001 is out on Tuesday Feb 11th! More info below. Please buy the manga! (Email me and I might buy it for you)