[New Release] Mr. Clice v001, c005

I bet nobody expected TWO chapters of Mr. Clice TWO days in a row after TWO years, but… that’s exactly what we’ve got right here! Translations were done by Category G from Dumbnut. Anyway, this wraps up volume 1. Not sure exactly when we’ll see volume 2, since we’re currently waiting on scans before we can get started on it. Anyway, enjoy!

Mr. Clice –  Volume 001 Chapter 005
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[New Release] Mr. Clice v001, c004

Well, hot damn! Been a while since we’ve touched this series, but here’s a new chapter. There really isn’t any excuse for taking so long, as the translations were completed two years ago by Category G from Dumbnut… we just couldn’t find a typesetter that wanted to work on it until now. Anyway, Enjoy!

Mr. Clice –  Volume 001 Chapter 004
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New Release: Bomba by Osamu Tezuka

Well today we have a new release for you. Bomba by Osamu Tezuka. This was supposed to be out on Halloween… but I forgot to release it LOL. Anyways, It is a a pretty long story about a pissed off horse ghost. Check it out. Great read. There are 2 stories at the end of it that are unrelated that we have no desire to do at this time.

We could still use extra help with Cleaning and Typesetting various series!

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[New Series] We Love ♡ Pocket Monsters c001

Today we have the first of a new 2 chapter Pokemon series! This series is published in girls magazine, Ciao, and is a short 4 koma. Hope you enjoy and look forward to the next chap at the beginning of Dec. Thanks to CRT of Illuminate Scans for helping/

We Love ♡ Pocket Monsters – c001
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YAY! Here is the next chapter. We also have the short extra at the end for you all as well. Ch.20 is out this month, so we are current! Enjoy!

I know we have had a few requests to start linking series we are doing for purchase, and I plan on implementing that in 2020. I’ll prob start sooner, but will add links when I can for older stuff. Amazon.Jp is a good source for new and quick shipping, but I usually use Surugaya via a Proxy since the manga is used and cheaper.

Still seeking a few more Cleaners and Typesetters~

Heterogeneous Linguistics – c019
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Heterogeneous Linguistics – c019.5
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