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Name: Memento Mori001

Author: Fumi Fumiko

Genre: Drama, Josei, Slice of Life

Magazine: Feel Young

Year: 2013


Meno Yuko just starting as a ceremony assistant in a funeral home. Every day, she tends to fall asleep during the funerals. Her boss, “Meme” always scolds her with an “I’ll kill you”. Holding on the the memories of her deadbrother, Yuko tries to work as best as she can while constantly being reminded of his death.

Note: this is a Joint project with m3ow

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2016, May 26 Chapter 1  MF »
2016, June 20 Chapter 2  MF
2016, Oct 01 Chapter 3
2016, Oct 02 Chapter 4
 2016, Oct 05  Chapter 5
 2016, Oct 06 Chapter 6
 2016, Oct 11 Chapter 7
 2016, Oct 11 Volume Batch MF