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Name: Eater3e9013e6441306f67243925067d0bfe8.jpg

Author: Usune Masatoshi

Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Seinen, Supernatural

Magazine: Super Jump

Year: 1991

Summary: Alien lifeforms have taken refuge on Earth to start their lives anew, however these beings don’t seek cohabitation, they want to phase humanity out; Working together, these Aliens prey on human flesh and spiritual energy and can implant their essence on human females to bear their children. Benimaru is one of these children, but his mother also happened to be a Medium. By manipulating Benimaru’s spirit while he was in the womb, she managed to give him a human heart. For this, she was brutally killed and devoured by Benimaru’s alien father. From that point on, Benimaru swore to exterminate these creatures. Half-human and half-alien, one man wages war against an entire race!


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Volume 1
Chapter 1 done by Gantz_Waitingroom
2015, October 31 Chapter 2 DDL »
2016, November 24 Chapter 3 DDL »
Chapter 4
Chapter 5


  • Woogie85

    Will this be fully scanlated? And I can only find up to the third chapter on other websites, since your links do not seem to work here…

    • vigorousjammerx

      Ah, thanks, I’ve updated the links here. I’m really bad at keeping these series pages updated. (To be honest, It’s easier to find what you’re looking for if you go to our main page and use the search bar on the side to filter through our release posts)

      Anyway, unfortunately we’ve currently only done up to chapter 3.
      I’d definitely like to do more of this, personally, but we don’t really have a dedicated translator for it. it’s more of a side-project for one of our translators, so progress is slow. If we can get another translator to help out, then releases will be quicker. As of now, we’ll probably end up releasing one chapter every 3-6 months.

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