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Title: The Delinquent Lesson

Author: Yeon Doo

Artist: KIM Ye Vin

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life

Magazine: Issue (Daiwon C.I.)

Year: 2006

Summary: A teacher’s pet and a model student, Young-Won Lee, at this important time right before the college entrance exam, feels her heart beating faster toward a delinquent… When she can’t get a reasonable answer from books, she follows the philosophy that after being lovers for 3 months, the love hormone that confuses the lover disappears. Thus, she decides to show her interest to the delinquent-!! What did you say? You hate nerds like me? Just wait, Haru Kang! I’ll become a hot, flashy babe and make you fall for me!

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Chapters 001-025 scanlated by Esthétique
Volume 05
2016, June 30 Chapter 26 MF »
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