[New Releases] Oneshots: Song of Youth Series & Memoirs of a Dancer.

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Well today we have 2 new oneshots for ya! #1 Song of Youth: This is a cute little silent manga that was published in an alternative manga magazine called Garo back in June of 1966. While this series was amazing, there are also many others from Garo we would like to do.  Therefore, our pal's over at Habanero Scans (who provided the raws for this series) Have posted raws and such from issues of Garo. Please help out if you can~ GRZ Release #0033: Songs of Youth oneshot #2 Memoirs of a Dancer: Thanks again to Elemhunter for providing us with this wonderful oneshot. We decided a good synopsis for it would be something along the lines of "A man is on a research expedition in an underwater city, when he suddenly…
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[New Release] Hagio Moto’s Age of The Beatles Illustrated Essay

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Well first off, I was super excited to come across this gem on the interwebz. It is a 4 page illustrated essay about The Beatles (the band) and is illustrated and written by Hagio Moto and talks about them rising and how her life was impacted. Even though it is all of 4 pages long, I would still recommend EVERYONE read it especially for the great art, GRZ Release #0015: Hagio Moto's Age of The Beatles Illustrated Essay Up coming releases: More Jungle Emperor Leo, Youkai Watch, new series, and CA to Oyoubi~ With that being said, I hope you all enjoy the release! We do still need another typesetter or two as well as a cleaner also ^^. If you would like to apply just check out the link on…
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