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Hey there, Coco fans! Here’s a nice little treat for you all! It’s the first chapter of the next series in the Full Ahead! Coco universe,  Full Ahead! Coco Zervance.

Taking place eight years after the fall of Leitzweiss, this direct continuation of Full Ahead! Coco focuses on the continuing adventures of the Twin Sword Pirates. A crew made up of Coco, Chako, Rau, and more, they search for treasures abound upon the open seas. One such treasure would be the Pillar of Reality, which Coco vows to find so he can use it to discover the rumored whereabouts of an actual, living angel.

GRZ Release #0593:
Full Ahead! Coco Zervance Chapter 001 – Download or Read Online

For this series, even though the first three volumes are out, we’re going to be using digital magazine raws, since the volume versions convert these gorgeous color pages into greyscale. We may eventually go back and re-release the chapters using volume raws, but at least for the first release of each chapter, we’ll be using the magazine version.

As usual, we’ve got the help of Big Boss from ACF Team for typesetting. Also, it’s worth mentioning, this first chapter is a whopping 100 pages long! And, man, a lot happens in it. Anyway, Enjoy!

If you’d like, feel free to stop by our Discord server and say thanks!

We could really use a few Cleaners and Typesetters. Maybe even a few pre cleaners (You would crop and rotate the scans). Also a proofreader would be nice for a kids related series.

If interested, please use the contact form or stop by our Discord server. Also, If you feel like donating we could use the money to buy more raws (we have a huge backlog). I’ve been big into scanning our own raws lately so the quality has been much nicer. Click Here to make a donation via Paypal (I have Venmo if needed?).


  • Sareneia

    Thanks for all of your hard work on Full Ahead Coco! I have a question about the timeline, at the end of the first series it looks like Coco and crew just came back from the World Rift, is the 3rd series taking place after that? Or is it before they crossed through? (Also, are Coco and Milka not a thing in the new series, cause it feels like the author is gonna make Coco and Rain a thing.)

    • Well, considering Axel is shown as a member of the Twin Sword pirates, this third series seems to be taking place some time after chapter 258 of the first series.
      As for Coco & Milka, I also find it odd how they haven’t really touched upon any of that… and what about the love triangle with Chako?
      I hope the author addresses it in the future.

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