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Well, hot fucking damn! I bet everyone wasn’t expecting another chapter of this series today!
In fact, I’m sure a lot of you assumed we had just forgotten about this series and weren’t ever going to go back to it. Well, not true! Below you can download the fourth chapter of Eater by Usune Masatoashi.

GRZ Release #0589:
Eater V.01 Ch.004  – Download  or Read Online

In this chapter, we’re introduced to a new character, and we also find out what happened to Aoko in her search for Benimaru, who is currently stumbling through the forest trying to find his way to the alien, Kazuma, who is mind-controlling all of the American soldiers in the area. *deep breath*
Whew, that was a mouthful! Anyway, this wraps up volume 1, leaving four more volumes to be translated and released.

We don’t exactly have an exact timeframe for chapter 5… you see, there isn’t a dedicated translator for this series. It’s really just a side project for the current translator, which is part of the reason why releases have been spread so few and far between. So, if you’re a competent Japanese-to-English translator and would like to assist with the series, please use the recruitment form or stop by our Discord server. We could also really use a few Cleaners and Typesetters for various series, so don’t be afraid to apply.


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