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With all of the Black Jack: Blue Future we’ve been releasing lately, now’s as good a time as any for us to release something actually by Tezuka, himself. Well, I say that, but I suppose you could technically say this is written by Walt Disney, since it’s directly based on the feature film of the same name.

GRZ Release #0587:
“Bambi” by Osamu Tezuka (oneshot) – Download or Read Online

Some of you may be looking at the page count and wondering “They made a whole volume which was only 80 pages long”?
Well, no. The full volume is actually 127 pages. The rest of it consists of articles talking about the Bambi feature film, as well as other classic Disney films, and it also includes lots of nice little illustrations. I’m hoping we can find somebody to translate it in the future, but it is a whole lot of text to translate, so I’m not sure we’ll be able to. In any case, this is the only actual manga chapter in the volume.


  • Nintakun

    I didn’t even know this existed. Thanks a lot for bringing it over. It was a fine read and it’s really interesting that something like this exists. Do you guys plan to bring more Tezuka stuff in the future?

    Anyway, thanks again for bringing this.

    • We’re always interested in doing more Tezuka stuff, since a lot of it is still unlicensed.
      However, we also need staff to work on it. Translators, proofreaders, cleaners, and typesetters.
      If anybody is interested, please apply on our recruitment page! ^_^

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