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It’s finally here! Sorry for the long wait for Ch.1….. We were very busy. Shout out to the Zoids team that helped make this 61 page chapter possible~! Anyway, back to business. We have Chapter 2 cleaned and most of it is redrawn and translated. We should get it out a lot quicker than this chapter also because it is half the size. So yeah look forward to that. Chapter 3 is scanned and on its way to cleaning it goes~ I’m trying to think of a way to show progress on the projects (well more than just this one) so we will see.  With that being said….

We would like to do this series monthly, but we need someone who can help with Typesetting and Redrawing. If you can please fill out our recruitment form!!

We are also always open to donations! CoroCoro is monthly and comes to about $14USD including shipping. This is also from Amazon Japan and gets to me in about 4 days. If you would like to donate via Paypal, Click Here. Of course ALL of the money we receive from donations goes to buying raws. We do not keep any of it for ourselves.

I hope you all enjoy! The download is actually at 2400px which is nice. We kept the reader versions at 1600px though just so they don’t die.

GRZ Release #0581:
Zoids Wild – Chapter 01 – Download or Read Online

One last thing! If you didn’t notice, the Zoids Wild anime is getting fansubbed! I will upload the episodes as they get fansubbed. Below is a link to the mediafire folder where I will upload each episode. While we aren’t helping on the fansub itself, we are excited to see that some amazing human being picked it up 😀

Zoids Wild Direct Download Folder (Episode 1 so far).

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