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Well, it’s not quite Monday yet, Or, well, I guess it’s Monday somewhere, so us here at Golden Roze with the help of ACF Team bring you another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco.
This chapter wraps up volume 28, leaving only the final volume of the series. Anyway, grab it below. ^_^


GRZ Release #0566:
Full Ahead! Coco v28 c249 – Download or Read Online

The Omake for this volume is pretty interesting, as well. You know all of the falcon script that has been shown across the series? Well, all of it can be converted into hiragana, meaning there’s hidden messages throughout. They even give you a handy dandy key:

So, if you understand some basic Japanese, you can decode some hidden messages throughout the series. Here’s an example:

On almost every volume cover of the series, there’s a border going around the image with some falcon script. On the front, it’s usually blocked, but we can see the full message on the smaller images on the back cover. I’ve included two images here so you can see that the message is always identical.

The message circles around twice, So, if you can start anywhere and eventually end up where the natural start should be through context… So, let’s convert it into Japanese.

yonehara hideyuki furuaheddo koko gensaku

Something to note here is that there’s no differentiation between a large “tsu” and a small “tsu” in Falcon script, so you just gotta use context. Also, keep an eye out for the dakuten and handakuten symbols, as they will change the meaning of the previous Falcon script character.
Anyway, translated, this message becomes “Full Ahead! Coco is an original work by Yonehara Hideyuki”

Here’s another example:

These few panels come from chapter 101, when the crew was having a fishing contest. Migaru found a doll with some Falcon script on it, but Barts said it was just junk. This doll was never brought up again in the series, so what was written on it? Well, let’s decode the Falcon script into Japanese:


Well, it’s clear that this doll just has Yonehara’s name written on it in Falcon script, and the last character must’ve gotten cut off. Apparently the author likes to play with dolls, hehe.

Anyway, there’s plenty of Falcon script messages like this hidden throughout the volumes, so if you’re ever re-reading any chapters, be sure to look for them!

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