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Decided to finally release this little oneshot that has been done for a few weeks. It is from the Error: Comicker Manga Collection For another World. The Anthology is 3 issues long and has all sorts of oneshots from various artists. This one was short so I decided to scan it first and get it worked on. I hope you all enjoy. I’d love to do the other oneshot by the same author so keep a look out for that 😛 Also the reader isn’t letting me upload (wahhhh) so enjoy the MangaDex link for the meantime.

GRZ Release #0538:
Nightmare (oneshot) – Download or Read Online

With that being said, we still have lots more in the works for you all. We really need cleaners, proofreaders, and editors


  • Doomroar

    I may be hallucinating this, specially because it is kind of a niche thing to notice, but, in the credits page, the cover used for volume 0 of Error, that Egyptian gate with Ra on it, that page, isn’t that from the very first page of “Heaven’s Door” by mangaka straordinary Keiichi Koike?

    And if the answer were to be yes, does this mean that we will be having some Keiichi Koike works scanlated in the future by Golden Roze?

    Should i get hyped?

    • Doomroar

      Oh and the chapter itself was great too, nice monster design cute but also menacing and odd enough, would like to see more from her.

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