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Here’s the next chapter of Full Ahead! Coco, from us here at Golden Roze Scans and ACF Team.
Starting now, we’ll be releasing five chapters per-week, one every Monday-Friday, with a break on the weekends. We hope to do this until the end of the series, but we’ll see how things go. Anyway, enjoy!

GRZ Release #0520:
Full Ahead! Coco v25 c215 – Download or Read Online

In the last chapter, the Sweet Madonna crew bared witness to Yeanz, and everyone who lived there, being wiped out in an instant by a giant blast of light. This blast came from the Floating Ruins, from the enemy the crew was heading to face-off against. Now, three weeks have passed and with the fleet that was going to assist them destroyed, the crew and their allies have reconvened at Larazinove to discuss what the plan is going forward.

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