New Release: Happy Foolish Easter! It’s Our 500th Chapter Extravaganza!

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Hey everyone! It’s Easter! and aside from the chocolate bunnies, the colored eggs, and enough jellybeans to start a jellybean army, you’d better watch out as well, because your friends might be pulling some pranks today! In fact, maybe they already have! That’s right, it’s also April Fool’s day! What a crazy coincidence that they both fall on the same day this year.

One thing that’s not a prank, though (since we didn’t bother putting together an April Fool’s joke this year) is that with this release, we’ve surpassed our 500th chapter released as a group! Now, that doesn’t include any second versions we’ve released, or omake chapters, this is strictly counting the full manga chapters that we’ve released up to this point. I’d say that’s cause for celebration! So, crack open those creme eggs, and prank your neighbors, then come back and read these new manga chapters below.

First up is another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco. Brought to you, as always, by us here at Golden Roze and the folks at ACF Team. I know we kind of left you hanging for a few weeks here since the last one, but bear with us, we should be going back to a more regular release schedule soon.

GRZ Release #0498:
Full Ahead! Coco v24 c210  – Download  or Read Online

As for unexpected and long overdue releases, how about another chapter of Don Dracula. (a.k.a. “That series where you think we’ve dropped it, but nope! surprise chapter!”)
Alongside that, there’s a revamped (no pun intended) version of chapter 2. Not much different here, some minor stylistic changes to a handful of lines in the script, and I added the title page that somehow got skipped over on the initial release. I also went through and changed the anti-aliasing from “strong” to “smooth” for a cleaner less bold look, as well as fixed all of the dreaded misplaced crossbar I’s that somehow got in there. *whew*

GRZ Release #0499:
Don Dracula v01 c003  – Download  or Read Online

GRZ Release #0393 (re-release):
Don Dracula v01 c002 {v2} – Download or Read Online

Next up, it’s DUN DA DA DUN! The 500th chapter! WOOOO YEAAAH! BIG CHEERS! RAAAAH! (The crowd goes wild!) *trumpets playing*
Alright, enough of that. This chapter is one out of two special chapters that are not A special chapter which was not collected in the main Blue Giant volumes, but I would still consider them it a part of the main series, as they’re It’s still just called “Blue Giant”. Initially published in the first second issue of CoroCoro Aniki on June 12, 2015 March 14, 2015 (in-between the release of volumes 5 & 6 of the main series), it’s a prequel story focusing on Dai’s love of basketball.

Edit: Sorry about the strike-throughs, there was some information that needed to be corrected. Please ignore the information on the oneshot’s credits page.

GRZ Release #0500:
Blue Giant Special 001  – Download  or Read Online

Next up are a few oneshots. We’ve got “Ana Clift”, a full-color short story about a model and a little girl, from author Yumi Tada
Then there’s a doujinshi by Monochrosss, based on the popular PS2 game “Ico”. As you might expect, it doesn’t have any dialogue, but the art is pretty nice, and we’ve cleaned up our scans of it for you to enjoy.

GRZ Release #0501:
“Ana Clift” by Yumi Tada (oneshot)  – Download  or Read Online

GRZ Release #0502:
“ICO” by Monocross (doujinshi)  – Download  or Read Online

Then we’ve got a couple of Pokemon oneshots. The first is titled “The Rainbow Hero”, and you can probably guess which legendary Pokemon it’s centered around. The second is titled “Pikachu & Ash’s Hat” and is a cute little story about Pikachu and an adventure he has with, yup, you guessed it, Ash’s hat. Both of these have story & art done by Kemon Kawamoto, and come from the recent “Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! Remix” anthology, which was released alongside the latest movie by CoroCoro Comic.

GRZ Release #0503:
Pokemon: The Rainbow Hero (oneshot)  – Download  or Read Online

GRZ Release #0504:
Pokemon: Pikachu & Ash’s Hat (oneshot)  – Download  or Read Online

Continuing the Pokemon trend, we’ve got another chapter of Pokemon Good Partners for you.

GRZ Release #0505:
Pokemon Good Partners v01 c003  – Download  or Read Online

And to finish things off, here’s the first chapter of a spin-off series from everyone’s other favorite franchise about capturing monsters, Yokai Watch.
This is based on the recent crossover film between Yokai Watch and Gegege no Kitaro. We released a oneshot of this previously, but this is the first properly numbered chapter of it.

GRZ Release #0506:
Yokai Watch: Shadow Side v01 c001  – Download  or Read Online

500 chapters may be a large milestone, but there’s still plenty more series we want to take on, and we need your help. Currently we’re looking for a few Cleaners and Typesetters. Maybe even a few pre cleaners (You would crop and rotate the scans). If you’re interested, please use the contact form or stop by our Discord server.

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  • Ah, so just a quick note about the Blue Giant special. It appears to actually just be a oneshot prequel, and it didn’t appear in the first volume of CoroCoro Aniki, but the second volume instead.
    The chapter appearing in CoroCoro Aniki Vol 1 is actually just a re-print of the first chapter of the main series.

    I should note, the release date on the credits page is also wrong. The magazine was released March 14th, 2015. I had previously gotten the release date from the release of the ebook edition, which differs. Sorry for any confusion! >_< I'll update the post.

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