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Hey there! Here’s another chapter of Atom: The Beginning from us at Golden Roze and You’re Welcome Scans. Links are below. Enjoy! ^_^

GRZ Release #0496:
Atom: The Beginning v04 c020 – Download or Read Online

Well, this chapter wraps up volume 4 of Atom. We’ve already started work on volume 5, so expect that in the near future as well.
I should also note, this will be the last chapter to be translated from French by Lyxia. He’s been a great translator to work with, but he agrees that it would be better to translate from Japanese directly, so he’s stepped down from the project in favor of a Japanese translator who we’ll be working with from the first chapter of volume 5 onwards.
Anyway, I’m really liking all of the progress that’s being made on the series. A big thanks to all of the staff members on the project for working so diligently.

Speaking of staff members, we could really use a few more Proofreaders, Cleaners, Typesetters, and Translators for various projects. If you can help out, please apply! Also, come check out our Discord server. Just hang out and chat, or tell us about your favorite series that we do!

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