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Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas Day, and that means PRESENTS!
I’m your manga Santa Claus, a master of Hokkyoku Shin Ken, Just call me Sanshiro Claus.

A technique I’ve been practicing is called “puresento no fukuro ken”, using it I’m able to pull presents out of my sack before you can even say “omae wa mou okuru”.

(Note: The drawing on the right was done by an artist named Eriko. You can find them on DeviantArt at or on Tumblr at


First, for all of you good little boys and girls, here’s a stocking stuffer in the form of a oneshot chapter.

GRZ Release #0454:
“Memories -Life-” by Nagahiro Yoko – Download

The oneshot tells a tragic tale of a mother who loses her child to a life-threatening disease.

Next up, we’ve got two chapters of Atom: The Beginning.

GRZ Release #0455:
Atom: The Beginning v3 c15 – Download

GRZ Release #0456:
Atom: The Beginning v4 c16 – Download


With Chapter 15, we’ve reached the end of volume 3, but we’re not stopping there, as we’re pushing ahead and jumping right into the first chapter of volume 4! We also have better quality raws so you will see a difference in file size starting at v4

Speaking of going full steam ahead, we’ve got two more chapters of Full Ahead! Coco for you.

GRZ Release #0457:
Full Ahead! Coco v22 c194 – Download

GRZ Release #0458:
Full Ahead! Coco v22 c195 – Download


This wraps up volume 22 of Coco, but not to worry, we’ve already started work on volume 23, so expect us to start releasing it soon.

We also have a chapter of Kekkonshite Mo Koishiteru! Sorry for the hold up on this one. Editors got busy as well as other things. Hope you all enjoy it.

GRZ Release #0459:
Kekkkonshite Mo Koishiteru v03 c15 – Download

Lastly, we’ve got two chapters of Blue Giant.

GRZ Release #0460:
Blue Giant v02 c14 – Download

GRZ Release #0461:
Blue Giant v02 c15 – Download


Mrs. Claus is a big fan of Jazz, so she can tell you the two songs these chapters are named after.
I asked her and she told me the first one is named after the 1939 song “Alone Together”, which was originally composed for the Broadway musical ‘Flying Colors’ by Arthur Schwartz, with lyrics written by Howard Dietz. Like a handful of musicals from that era, they eventually got turned into jazz standards. This one first being jazzed up by Artie Shaw in 1939. One of my favorite versions of this song, however, is by Chet Baker, which you can listen to below.

The chapter after that is named after the Jazz Standard “I Know That You Know”, originally composed in 1926 for the Broadway musical ‘Oh, Please!’ by Vincent Youmans, with lyrics by Anne Caldwell, it was first recorded as a Jazz song by clarinetist Jimmie Noone in 1928 and quickly became a standard. Below I’ve posted a well-known piano version by the incredibly talented Art Tatum, recorded in 1949.

Now that you’ve got your hands on all of these manga chapters, and you’ve got some nice jazz to listen to, I hope you enjoy yourself and partake in some good cheer on this fine Christmas Day. Until next time, Ho! Ho! Ho!


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