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Golden Roze and ACF Team bring you another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco.
We’ve had a bit of a delay since the last chapter, sorry about that!

GRZ Release #0437:
Full Ahead! Coco v22 c188 – Download

Anyway, if you haven’t heard the news, it’s been announced that Hideyuki Yonehara’s next series is a direct sequel to Full Ahead! Coco. Titled “Full Ahead! Coco Zelevence”, it’s going to star Coco himself, and it’s going to start serialization next month, in the December 2017 issue of Bessatsu Shonen Champion, which releases November 10th.

We won’t be jumping directly into the new series, as we definitely want to finish off the original series first, but our current plan is to do it in the future if nobody else steps up to the plate. Speaking of how many chapters we have left in the original series, after this chapter we’ll have 70 chapters left to release.

We also still plan to continue with Sunset Rose at some point, but we could use some more cleaners & typesetters to help us out with it. Feel free to apply over on our recruitment page.

In any case, with Coco coming back in a direct sequel like this, I have to wonder about the possibility of a Full Ahead! Coco anime in the future. Of course, this is something I frequently wonder about, just looking at clips of the animation work that was done for the official Full Ahead! Coco pachinko machine… which they even made a freakin’ THEME SONG for!

But, I digress… I hope you guys are as excited about this news as I am, and we’d really like to catch up, so we’ll try our best to get more chapters for you out at a quicker pace!


  • Ryce

    Thanks for the chapter! Dunno how I feel about the sequel, though. If this series ends well, I may not read it… Mostly because sequels have often ruined the original series for me.

    Hope you guys will be able to restart Sunset Rose at some point! Thanks again!

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