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First, let’s get this out of the way. We forgot to mention when episode two of Jungle Emperor Leo was released. In fact, it got released over two weeks ago on July 15th!
Live-eviL handles the releases for this joint project, so we ended up being caught unaware. Whoops! We’ll try to be more quick about the post next time. For now, grab the torrent from their website, or from the link below.

GRZ Subtitle Release #0015:
Jungle Emperor Leo (1989) Episode 2 – Downlod (torrent)

Secondly, I wasn’t expecting us to have another so soon after starting Leo, but we’ve got another fansub project that we’re starting. The name of the series is “Mama is a 4th Grader”, or “Mama wa Shougaku 4-nensei”, it’s a 51 episode TV series from Sunrise, which first aired in 1992.
The show is about a baby from the future which accidentally gets sent into the past, and ends up in the care of Natsumi, a 4th grade student who is about to move to London with her family. It’s got a nice mix of humor and drama, creating a fun atmosphere reminiscent of the various World Masterpiece Theater series, combined with just a pinch more humor, almost similar to something you’d see in a Rumiko Takahashi series.

For this project I’ve got English subs that come from the soon-to-be-defunct anime streaming service, Daisuki, that we’re using as a base. I’m putting those subs onto the public raws that are currently available, re-timing them, quality checking the translation, adding an opening and ending karaoke, as well as translating & typesetting any signs. It’s my goal to make this version the best version available, but I also want to try and get all of the episodes ready as rapidly as possible for you all, so expect a fairly quick release schedule. Anyway, you can grab the torrent for the first episode below.

GRZ Subtitle Release #0016:
Mama is a 4th Grader (1992) Episode 1 – Download (torrent)

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