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It’s Sweet Madonna Monday and Volume 20 has come to a close! We’ve included the standalone chapter as well as a batch release of the volume. Get them below. ^_^

GRZ Release #0366:
Full Ahead! Coco v20 c177 – Download

GRZ Batch Release:
Full Ahead! Coco v20 BATCH – Download

Rogue has been beaten & bruised by Rupi’s morphling, and it appears he might not survive. However, Rogue may have a trick up his sleeve. What could it be? Read and find out!

It’s kind of hard to believe how far we’ve come ever since we here at Golden Roze Scans picked up the series a little less than 8 months ago. With this release we’ve completed 9 full volumes, consisting of a total of 81 chapters. There’s still another 81 chapters left to go until we reach the end of the series, but we’re remaining steadfast in our determination to make it there.

That being said, we may be slowing down the release pace soon, as this whole two-chapters-per-week thing is starting to become a bit much to keep up with… but not before this arc has reached it’s conclusion! So you can look forward to the start of Volume 21 this Friday.


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