Special Release: Supah Raukin Nyu Yeehs Eevee 2016 (Super Rockin’ New Year’s Eve 2016)

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Times Square's New Years Eve Ball - 1978 Technicians eye the new improved New Years ball. This version, which had halogen lamps for higher visibility, replaced a six-foot ball that had ordinary light bulbs. The lowering of the ball, which takes one minute, is down a 77-foot flagpole on top of One Times Square. (Photo by Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times Photo Archives)
Times Square’s New Years Eve Ball – 1978

Balls are gonna drop!

Well, maybe they already have! No, I’m not talking about puberty, I’m talking about ringing in the New Year! This is probably going up after midnight, so… It’s fuckin’ 2017, bitches!!!

That’s right, 2016 is over, and to celebrate, we got some manga n’ shit, I dunno. There’s no real theme to this release, plus, I’ve been drinking.



First up, we’ve got a one-shot by WADA Takashi. Everyone’s favorite one-shot author! (Seriously, when is he gonna be given the green light for an actual series?) This one is called “Impossible Love Suicide”, which definitely sounds like the kind of thing we should’ve released for Halloween. But, hell, I haven’t read it yet, so maybe it’s not as horror themed as it’s title would describe.

GRZ Release #0330:
“Impossible Love Suicde” by WADA Takashi – Download


744Next up, we’ve got a one-shot by Ayuko. She did that other thing we put out… you know the one, “tone hairy” or whatever. This one’s called… what was it? Oh, right! Uh… “Two in a Corner”.
This is… a boxing manga or something, I think? I dunno. Somebody pour me some more champagne.

GRZ Release #0331:
“Two in a Corner” by Ayuko – Download



000aNow, we might have, like, a BILLION more Full Ahead! Coco chapters to go, but… fuck it, it’s a new year, so… I’m posting this shit here… Sunset Roze *urp*, I mean Rose. It’s a sequel to Coco, but that shouldn’t matter much. It’s still good, so read it, chumps!

GRZ Release #0332:
Sunset Rose v01 c001 – Download



i75364And with the start of a new series, we’re also finishing up an old one, called Snu Snu, Mister Rick, No Cold Beer Yo.
Yeah, I’ve been there, when you run out of cold beer, it’s just the worst.
Huh? what’s that?
‘Kay den, so, I’ve been informed that’s not the name of it, it’s… Snusmurik no Koibito. Dis iz the final chapter, you can find it below! Enjoy! Try not to die from all of the snu snu.

GRZ Release #0333:
Snusmurik no Koibito v02 c006 – Download


Well, it’s 2017, a new year for new resolutions, like 8K or some shit. Go buy your new TVs, you gotta stay current, motherfuckers! Have a happy HAPPY NEW yeaaaaarrrrr!!!


  • Do you need raw for Sunset Rose or you have them all? Because I’ve raw magazine till chapter 23 (plus 2 bonus chapters -Wave.00 & Wave.?-). They aren’t good quality as the digital ones, but they have color pages and I’d be glad to give you. I’m very happy that someone decided to pick up this series.

    • vigorousjammerx

      We have digital raws for everything released thus far which we’ll be using, as well as some recent Magazine raws, but It’d be super nice to have some color pages to include with our releases. we’ll add you to the credits, of course. 🙂

      You can find all of our contact info here: https://goldenrozescans.com/contact/

      As for Wave 0, it’s included in vol 2.
      We do have magazine raws for Wave ? as well, but it’s actually just a short little chapter advertising a Volume release. We’d still like to do it, but we don’t have the 4th page, which reveals what’s inside the treasure chest. Is your version 3 pages or 4 pages?

      • I’ve send all the color pages in my possession on Golden Roze gmail… Unfortunately also “my” Wave.? have only 3 pages. I look forward to reading other chapters.

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