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Hey there, everyone! Today we’re starting a new series, which is a joint project with Seraphic Deviltry. You’ll notice we have two versions below. The standard quality version has been downsized to a standard of 1600px height, and is the same version you can find on sites like Batoto. The high quality version is rendered at 2100px, and is only available through direct download.

GRZ Release #0303:
Thanatos no Shisha v01 c001 – Download (62MB)
Thanatos no Shisha V01 c001 (HQ) – Download (123MB)

The series is about a man named Akira Kurushima, who likes to play God, deciding who lives and dies as a member of the Japanese Society of Thanatology.
What is Thanatology, you ask? Well, it is essentially the study of death, and how people view it. Kurushima-san serves as a kind of grim reaper for those who wish to have a peaceful and meaningful death. Anyway, hope you all enjoy! ^_^

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