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Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s… um… a spooky horror manga release?
Um… don’t read this while eating turkey (unless you’ve got a strong stomach).

GRZ Release #0298:
Eater v01 c003 – Download

To be honest, the script for this chapter (after almost a year of being on-hold) was finalized around the beginning of October, so we probably should’ve had this chapter ready for Halloween, but I was so busy working on Full Ahead! Coco that this got pushed to the wayside.

After such a long wait for this chapter, I’m sure you guys are excited to read it, and I’ve got some good news to go with that as well. If you look at our credits page for this chapter, we’ve got a new editor on the project, Kpossible, who not only does fantastic work, but also doesn’t have a 258-chapter series, released bi-weekly, that she’s working on at the same time (like *ahem* me). You’ll also be glad to know that I’m passing the torch on translations, over to the translator of Full Ahead! Coco, MinoSpelgud, who previously checked the accuracy of my translations on this chapter, as well as chapter 2. I’m essentially switching duties with him and becoming the proofreader on the project. Me & him are both treating this as more of a side-project, but this change in staff will almost undoubtedly allow for faster releases, as he’s a much better (and quicker) translator than I am. Look forward to it! 😀

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