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Good morning everyone! It’s Sweet Madonna Monday, and we’re starting up volume 16 of Full Ahead! Coco.

GRZ Release #0274
Full Ahead! Coco v16 c133 – Download

In this chapter, Barts & Coco continue their search for the Red Skell as they go to another town to gather some more information from the post office. However, this town has recently had some rumors floating about, which mention sighting of a giant bird.
What is the significance of this bird?
Where are the Red Skell?
and who is Coco’s new friend?
Read the chapter and find out!

We’ve also started accepting fan-art submissions for Full Ahead! Coco, which will be included at the end of each volume!!

You can send any Coco-related, questions, comments, fan-art, or anything else to, using the subject line “Fan Ahead! Cocorner”
Be sure to include whatever name you’d like us to use, and if you’d like, you can also include your age and your location. We’ll publish our favorite submissions at the end of each volume.

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