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Hey everybody, it’s Friday! (A Full Ahead one, that is) and I’ve got another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco for you, down below.

GRZ Release #0272:
Full Ahead! Coco v15 c132 – Download

GRZ Batch Release:
Full Ahead! Coco v15 BATCH – Download

This chapter rounds out volume 15, and with all of those volume batches yesterday, I felt it was only right to include one here, as well. So feel free to grab the file by itself… or, if you’d like, grab the whole volume and get your archive on! ^_^

This chapter has Coco & Barts visiting an Amazon town, with Barts paying a visit to an old friend, who owes him a favor. To pay Barts back, she’ll teach Coco a thing or two about cooking… but is that all she’ll teach him?
Read and find out!

As for “Fan Ahead! Cocorner”, there won’t be one in this volume… We haven’t received a single submission for it at all… and I’m afraid we won’t be, at all… I’ll still keep pushing for it until the end of volume 16, though… if you’d like to submit something to be included at the end of the volume, there’s information on how you can, below.

You can send any Coco-related fan-art that you’ve made or any questions, comments, or anything else to, using the subject line “Fan Ahead! Cocorner”
Be sure to include whatever name you’d like us to use, and if you’d like, you can also include your age and your location. We’ll publish our favorite submissions at the end of each volume.


  • firestar6546

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I just read all 132 chapters of this manga that are currently out and I LOVE IT! I’m seriously in love with the story and the characters, I’m so glad you guys are working so hard on this manga. It’s just so fun and exciting that I literally did nothing for the past couple of hours but read it. It’s also super great seeing the art improve so much over all of these volumes. Thank you for introducing me to the artist, I’m about the read the rest of his works too! Keep up the AWESOME work, ya scurvy dogs! 😀

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