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i-000aHere we are again with a new series joint with the good people over at Shoujo Sense . Please thank them for the editing and proofing.

On that note, I present to you Chapter 1 of Junjou Haraguro Kareshi. Your typical Shoujo x Smut kinda manga. It is only 3 chapters long, so we should be wrapping this one up pretty quickly.

GRZ Release #0251:
Junjou Haraguro Kareshi Chapter 1 – Download

We really need staff. Proofreaders, Cleaners, Typesetters, and Translators are always welcome and can’t finish up some of our series until we find them. Proofreaders would be nice to finish up a few shoujo series we do, so if you can help please shoot an email to or use the form on the contact page.


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