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Here we are with another oneshot by the amazing Wada Takashi. We have done a few of his stories in the past, and plan on doing what ever else he has in store. I do know that we have two more oneshots by him and that we are working to get those out to you ASAP (Another typesetter would be nice).

With that being said, I present to you the cover story for issue 34 of Harta magazine!

GRZ Release #0245:
Cover Story by Wada Takashi – Download

In case you are wondering, it’s like 5 pages long and has just a few bubbles of text >.< But is still a pretty cute read.

We really need some help with other projects. We have all kinds of stuff ready for editing, but don’t have enough cleaners and typesetters to get it out. We could also use another proofreader or 2, as well as a QCer who can look over the finished chapters for grammar and editing issues. Of course we welcome translators from ANY LANGUAGE to help us out. If you can help, please head over to the recruitment page to apply, or shoot an email to

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