New Release: Full Ahead! Coco v13 c114 & Sidestory chapter, Dead: The Treasure of the Grim Reaper

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I’ve got a double dose of Coco goodness for you on this Sweet Madonna Monday. First up, we’ve got the next chapter, which rounds out volume 13.

GRZ Release #0239:
Full Ahead! Coco v13 c114 – Download

Some of you may also remember from this past Friday, I mentioned I would have a bit of a surprise for you all. Well, here it is!

GRZ Release #0240:
Full Ahead! Coco Sidestory, “Dead: The Treasure of the Grim Reaper” – Download

If you’re caught up with the series and haven’t read this sidestory chapter yet, you absolutely should. All of the sidestory prequel chapters published in Volume Zero were serialized alongside the main story, this one appeared in the same issue of Shuukan Shounen Jump as chapter 71 did. It showed up directly after it, so you can kind of think of this as chapter 71.5 in terms of the order of release.

Coco-Vol-Zero---164-165As for why it’s being re-released… this special chapter was done while I was still over at FoS, but I’ve gone back and tweaked it a bit. I fixed a few sound effect translations and adjusted a couple of lines. The version at FoS was also downsized slightly, so it wasn’t as high resolution as it could have been, so I’ve re-cleaned the whole thing at it’s proper size to give you guys the best looking version I can give you, using the raws we have. Enjoy!

Aside from that, we’re in need of a dedicated cleaner, without one, the typesetter on our project has to clean everything as well and can’t focus entirely on typesetting. While our typesetter is entirely capable of doing the cleaning & redrawing on his own, it’s an extra workload that will inevitably slow things down. That’s why we’re looking for somebody who can clean a whole bunch of chapters in a short period of time, to help speed everything up.
If you’re interested in helping out with this project or any of the other projects here at Golden Roze Scans, then please head on over to the Recruitment page and apply today. 🙂

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