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ATOM_The_Beginning_Chap_01_Page_01We’ve got a special treat for you all today. We’re teaming up with You’re Welcome Scans (go check out their website if you haven’t already) to bring you a new series which tells the origin story of Tetsuwan Atom (Known to English-speaking territories as Astro Boy).

The series is being adapted from a concept originally laid-out by Osamu Tezuka, himself. The writing team is headed up by Masami Yuki, who is known for his work on Mobile Police Patlabor, as well as Tetsuwan Birdy (“Birdy the Mighty” in English). Assisting him is Makoto Tezuka (Osamu Tezuka’s son), who is one of the owners of Tezuka Productions and has had a hand in releasing much of his father’s unreleased work, as well as serving as director on anime adaptations of many of his father’s series.
ATOM_The_Beginning_Chap_01_Page_06-07Art is being handled by Tetsuro Kasahara, who is best known for the manga series RideBack, and is currently working as the artist on Full Metal Panic! 0.


Anyway, that’s enough out of me. You can find the download link below, hope you all enjoy!

GRZ Release #0216:
Atom The Beginning – v01 c001 – Download

Also, a reminder! If you enjoyed this series, please be sure to buy the official release when and if it comes out. The only way creators will be able to make more of the stuff you like is if it’s profitable. You can make the things you enjoy successful by buying the official volumes. ^_^


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