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12 - 047It’s Full Ahead! Friday, once again, and you all know what that means! MORE COCO!

GRZ Release #0214:
Full Ahead! Coco – v12 c099 – Download

This chapter rounds out the “Castle Siege Arc” that started wayyyyy back in chapter 64 (which was scanlated in late 2014). That was back in Volume 8! Meaning, this arc has lasted for over 4 volumes.
I’m sure a lot of you had started getting tired of this setting after seeing it for so long, so it’ll be nice to finally move on and see the crew of the Sweet Madonna explore new lands.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter. Also, I should mention that we’ve started committing to releasing two chapters of Full Ahead! Coco per-week now. One on “Full Ahead! Fridays”, and another at some other point in the middle of the week. We’ve got a pretty good workflow right now that’ll keep the chapters coming out fast and furious for you guys… let’s just hope it stays this way. ^_^;

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