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kirby010006Hey all you Kirby fans out there! Did you ever want to see that pink ball of fluff star in his own manga? Sucking things up into his mouth and spitting them out? Did you want to see him go head-to-head against King DeDeDe?

Well, want no longer, as it’s here! The first chapter of this 1994 series by HIKAWA Hirokazu, which was originally serialized in CoroCoro. You can find the download link below.

GRZ Release #0209:
Kirby’s Adventure 001 – Download

Some of you who are looking at the Japanese title (Hoshi no Kirby – Dedede de Pupupu na Monogatari) may be wondering why we titled this “Kirby’s Adventure”. Well the reason is… when the NES game “Kirby’s Adventure” was released in Japan on the Famicom, it was titled “Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari” (literally translated as “Kirby of the Stars: The Legend of the Fountain of Dreams”). So, while the literal translation of this manga would be “Kirby of the Stars: The Legend of King Dedede in Dream Land”, it seems to be more of a reference to the Famicom game’s title… which was released in the US as “Kirby’s Adventure”. Thus, “Kirby’s Adventure” seemed to be a more appropriate localized title for an English speaking audience.

Also for today’s release, we’ve got a second version of the Pokémon-related Mew oneshot we released last week. During the cleaning process most of the Japanese sound effects were removed, and some of these were restored during the initial Quality Check process… However, the person doing the quality check (me), didn’t notice them all until after release. So, I went back and carefully made sure all of the sound effects were restored, in order to preserve the original art. I also made a few minor changes to the font size on a few lines, and cleaned up a little bit more dust in certain spots.
You can find the second version below.

We’re the Mew Research Team [Oneshot] {v2} – Download

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  • anonymous kirby fan

    Thank you guys for translating this manga. As a long time Kirby fan, I’ve been wanting to read this manga ever since I found out about it on the internet 15 years ago. I’m eagerly anticipating future releases. Keep up the spectacular work!

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