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Today we bring you a new series that is by the author of The Ancient Magus Bride. While this series started publishing in 2014, it is only at 2 volumes and is still on going. I want to thank Frostcalibur for translating, as well as Heleleo for the editing. We look forward to reading the rest of the series and hope you will enjoy also ^.^

GRZ Release #0206:
Frau Faust V.1 Ch.1 – Download




  • Chi Cat

    Hello! Thank you for the scan and translation. I was really surprised when I saw “Frau Faust” chapter 1 (I even jumped and shouted happily (?) ha ha ha). Both the scan and translation are great! //(^3^)//**
    Yamazaki Kore-sensei is one of my favorite mangaka. Not long after I read her manga (The Ancient Magus Bride and Futari Renai no Shoka), I searched everywhere to find her other manga and that was “Frau Faust”. Sadly, I couldn’t understand Japanese. Aaa, thank you very much! I’m looking forward to read the second chapter (>v<)
    By the way, Totsukuni no Shoujo is also my favorite manga 😀

  • Mad Hatter

    Thank you very much, the chapter was charming and I got hooked with just one galance (♥ω♥*)
    Umm.. I was wondering, foust appeared as a male in that dream johanna had, right?
    Well i just wanna know since it had been bothering me for a while
    Thanks again for your hard work, looking forward for more chapters (^.^)

    • Frostcalibur

      Hey there! Translator here!

      Yes. Faust was indeed a male in that dream. You’ll see Faust in male form once again in the second chapter. I’ve only read through the first volume, but the answer for why this is the case has yet to be explicitly provided. It is implied, however, that it has something to do with what happened a hundred years ago.

  • bobby

    it’s great that you guys are getting more manga translated but try not to forget about your other series e.g. Blue Giant. it has been almost 2 months since the last chapter and i really want to know what happens at that gig!! >o<

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