[New Release] Stalker Ch.38 (END) Joint w/ Remy Ampersand

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Well here we are finishing up Stalker. Thank you to Remy Ampersand for the editing and proofing. Glad we got another finished project under our belt! With that being said, download below, or hit up our IRC channel.

GRZ Release #0172: Stalker Ch.38 (END) – Download


As always, we’re looking for people to help out… both translators and editors, and maybe even a Proofreader or 2. We’re quite in need of editors currently, actually. If you know how to use Photoshop and would like to try your hand at some manga cleaning or typesetting, shoot us an e-mail at GoldenRozeScans@gmail.com or head on over to our recruitment page to find some basic tutorials and fill out the form there.


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