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Hey there everyone! Been a while since we’ve had any Magma for y’all. Anyway, after this chapter, there’s only one more to go until the series is completed, so look forward to that.
In the meantime, here’s the chapter.

GRZ Release #0163: Ambassador Magma c020 (v03) – “Showdown of the Century” – Download

As always, we’re looking for people to help out… both translators and editors. We’re quite in need of editors currently, actually. If you know how to use Photoshop and would like to try your hand at some manga cleaning or typesetting, shoot us an e-mail at GoldenRozeScans@gmail.com or head on over to our recruitment page to find some basic tutorials and fill out the form there.


    • vigorousjammerx

      Unfortunately, no. We’ve dropped the series since it’s been licensed by DMP and an English version will be coming out officially.
      As a group, we drop a series as soon as it’s licensed, even if the official version hasn’t been released yet.
      Luckily, DMP plans to release all three volumes simultaneously, so when they come out you can buy the third one right away if you’re only interested in the final chapter.

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