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Happy New Year’s everyone!
Well, now that the ball has dropped in Times Square, we’re all singing drunkenly and another year is now behind us… I present you with something new for the new year.
The series is called “Space Profile” and it’s not only a brand new serialization from Young Magazine the 3rd, but it’s also by a completely new author by the name of Ku Kogata (こがたくう)

Wow, I suppose this really is the perfect thing to release on New Year’s. (see what I did there? I tied it in somehow, lol.)
Anyway, you can find the download link below:

GRZ Release #0119: Space Profile ch 001 – Download

Also, what’s this? The site looks all different!?
Yes, that’s right, we’ve got a new design to go with the new year as well. new things all around! Left and right! This way and that way! Hope you all like it! ^_^



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