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Hey there, everyone! We’ve got a special little double feature release for you all, today!
Here we have the two-part finale of Kurayami Santa, titled “The Enormous Ungodlyzilla, Urandar”

GRZ Subtitle Release #0012: Kurayami Santa Episode 13 – NyaaTorrents
GRZ Subtitle Release #0013: Kurayami Santa Episode 14 – NyaaTorrents

These two episodes wrap up the TV broadcast of the series, however, upon looking on the official Kurayami Santa website, they have a news post which announces plans for a DVD.

I’ve translated a few things from that blog post for you guys:


Our wonderful staff & our voice actors have confirmed that the unique horror animation “Kurayami Santa” is coming to DVD, set for release Oct 21! (With a simultaneous rental release)

価格:DVD 1枚組 ¥3,800(本体価格)+税
品番: PCBP-12287
(C) 「暗闇三太」製作委員会2015

Price: 1 disc DVD, ¥3,800 (base price) +tax
Main Story, approx. 40 minutes + approx. 60 minutes of extras / 16:9 widescreen
Single-layer / Monochrome / Japanese 2ch Stereo
Catalog Number: PCBP-12287
Sales / Marketing: Pony Canyon, Inc.
“Kurayami Santa” Production Committee © 2015







<<Bonus Footage>>

  • Archive Footage: Santa and his trip to Kyushu (28 mins) Warship Island episode (11 mins)
    This feature contains KBC’s own cherished footage of Kyushu as well as some incredible color footage of Warship Island! Santa (Sugiyama Kazuko) and Mutsuko (Himesaki Aihitsuji) among others, take you through Showa-era Kyushu in these must-see videos.
  • Pre-release Specials, “Kurayami Santa is Coming!” (11 mins)
    Prior to the main broadcast on KBC, these pre-release specials were shown over the course of 5 days. This special collects them all together.
  • Announcement Spots
    Contains the full-length theme song, used in the special report videos, as well as all three of the announcement videos.
  • Episode 2 “Mercury Fox’s Revenge” Storyboard
    As soon as this episode went missing, it became a heated topic! This feature contains the storyboard for the elusive episode 2.

<<Enclosed Bonus>>

  • 8pg Booklet: All of the story synopses and character bios can be found within this enclosed booklet.

Anyway, it’s interesting that they’re planning to release Episode 2 in such an unfinished state. I was assuming they would release it on the DVD, but I didn’t think they’d only release a storyboard version. In any case, I’m hoping we’ll be able to get the raw for the episode 2 storyboard so we can subtitle it and release it sometime in the future.

Also, we’ll likely be releasing a batch of the show’s main episodes sometime in the near future. Look for it!

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