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Esper continues along. Hope you enjoy this chapter! ^_^

GRZ Release #0039: Everyone’s an ESPer V.1 Ch.5 – MediaFire

There’s actually a bit of Esper news, as well, for all of you who haven’t heard yet.
The mangaka, Kiminori Wakasugi, recently said he’s ending the series. A seventh volume of the series will be coming out in August, and the eighth and final volume in September.
He then went on to say he’ll begin a new series in October. No idea what his new series is yet, or if we’ll eventually pick it up, but we here at Golden Roze are pretty excited for it. Of course, we’re still currently focused on Esper.

Aside from all that, everybody should go check out You’re Welcome Scans. They’re helping us out with this project, and their site has some really great series.

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