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Alright! We’ve got another episode of Kurayami Santa here for you all.

GRZ Subtitle Release #0003: Kurayami Santa Episode 4

You can get it here, on Nyaa:


A very special thanks to Garuda-Raws for providing the raw once again. Definitely check out their site if you’re trying to find some raws, they’ve been knocking it out of the park with all of their uploads. Lots of good stuff over there. ^_^

I’ve been thinking recently about other series we might want to fansub. Since our main focus is on scanlation, we started up Kurayami Santa as a kind of special one-off thing (just because nobody else was doing it, and we all thought it looked awesome, and thankfully I already knew how to time & typeset well-enough). However, I think it would be really fun to sub some more shows that nobody else is doing. Every season I see one or two shows that just get completely ignored, and that’s a bit of a shame, so I’d definitely want to do more of those in the future. Perhaps some classic stuff, too. ^_^
I’m not sure what shows we’d be able to find translators for, that seems to be the biggest stumbling block, currently. Thankfully we found a really talented one for Kurayami, but There’s no guarantee she’ll move onto any of the other projects we suggest.
Anyway, if there’s a show you’d like to see us fansub, please mention it in the comments and we’ll see what we can do. ^_^


  • Enamelthyst

    I… I actually can’t think of any special requests (Saizen swears they’ll finish Ninku), but I did want to thank you again for subbing this!

    Wait, now I think of it, I’m pretty sure some of the shorts on the Ghibli ga Ippai Special Short Short collection remain untranslated—I own the DVD and a few shorts have English subtitles, but most do not (notably the very interesting interviews).

    • vigorousjammerx

      Ah, I love Ghibli stuff. I’d love to release that stuff if we can find a translator who’s up to the task. 🙂

  • Ang

    Thanks for scanlating the old series and picking up this summer show!
    Washimo is a series that’s been on my radar since last spring whenever its first season aired. It’s a kodomo short show and had a similar release schedule to Nandaka Velonica I believe? naishosubs were super awesome for doing Nandaka Velonica (which ended up being a great show), but back then when asked about Washimo they said there were no RAWs or something. I cannot find the old post and comment as their site is gone. I forget why Washimo was of interest in the first place, its premise sounds like cute fun and there’s the kooky OP, but I think there was some merit with a connection to a prestigious mangaka or designer or something to make it stand out amongst other kids’ shows. In any case, I don’t even know if the show is good or if there are RAWs for any of the seasons online after all this time. To give another request I’d bring your attention to Q Transformers which is a short by comedy master Koutarou Ishidate but who knows if it is a weaker show than his usual, it is a spoof but still a corporate tie-in. Regardless, good luck with your group!

    • vigorousjammerx

      Ah, yeah, it looks like Washimo was directed by Imagawa Yasuhiro, who I know best as the director of Giant Robo.
      Although, I suppose he’s also known as the director of G-Gundam, and is probably pretty well known for Shin Mazinger Z.

      Nandaka Velonica’s art looks fantastic! If it wasn’t already fansubbed, I’d totally try to convince our group to do it. 🙂

      This is unrelated to your comment, but we’ve also been looking at Maido! Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku, and are currently considering it, or perhaps the 1998 series that came before that one (although clean raws seem to be somewhat hard to come by for the latter one, as everything I’ve found thus far has been hardsubbed).

      Anyway, thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

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