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Well alright! We’ve got another episode of Kurayami Santa for you all!

GRZ Subtitle Release #0002: Kurayami Santa Episode 3 –

I’m betting a lot of you are wondering right now “Hey, where’s Episode 2?”

Well, according to the official website, and Japanese airing dates, Episode 3 was the second episode to be aired…
The production company skipped over Episode 2 entirely! :O
They still list Episode 2 on the official website, but they don’t have an airing date for it, instead saying this:

That roughly translates to “Due to certain circumstances, it has not been produced.”

When I first saw this, I thought it was some kind of gimmick, and that they were creating fake episodes to skip over, to create the illusion of a long-running franchise.
However, it seems as though that’s not the case, as the third episode to air was titled as “Episode 4”.

In any case, we apologize for the delay on this episode. The numbering had us a bit confused.
The releases should come more swiftly from here on out.


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