[New Series] Inazuma Eleven V.1 Ch.4 (Joint W/ LevelUpSubs

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Woohooo~ Another new series with our friends over at LevelUpSubs yet again 😀 We are proud to bring you Inazuma Eleven V.1 Ch.4 (Ends V.1). I am not a huge sports fan but I do LOVE me some Inazuma! The original group that was doing it has been inactive for some time now so we figured we would revive the series. Don’t worry, we have some more Kimba and Youkai Watch coming soon enough as well as a few other tricks up our sleeves. But once again, if you are able to help with cleaning and or typesetting please apply because we need you! Again, Thanks again for following us and stayed tuned for some more new manga!

GRZ Release #0010: Inazuma Eleven V.1 Ch.4

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