New Release: Full Ahead! Coco v13 c112

Sweet Madonna Monday is upon us once again, and that means a new chapter of Full Ahead! Coco!

Full Ahead! Coco v13 c112 – Download

After the cliffhanger last chapter, I’m sure you’re all excited to see Coco & the kids get rescued. This arc definitely seems to be reaching it’s most exciting moment. Anyway, hope you all enjoy it! ^_^

Aside from that, we’re in need of a dedicated cleaner, without one, the typesetter on our project has to clean everything as well and can’t focus entirely on typesetting. While our typesetter is entirely capable of doing the cleaning & redrawing on his own, it’s an extra workload that will inevitably slow things down. That’s why we’re looking for somebody who can clean a whole bunch of chapters in a short period of time, to help speed everything up.
If you’re interested in helping out with this project or any of the other projects here at Golden Roze Scans, then please head on over to the Recruitment page and apply today. 🙂

New Release: Piece V.5 Ch.10b and V.5 Ch.11a

Welp, Sorry I am a day late with the Piece update, lost track of time >.>~

Anyways we have 2 chapters for your reading pleasure. Nice to see that this beautiful series is chugging along so nicely. Shout out to Forbidden Garden Scans for the editing and proofing which is helping bring this series all together.

Piece v05c10-part b
Piece v05c11-part a
With that being said, I am asking anyone out there who can help us to please come forward and do so. As you can see, we have slowed a bit on our releases and we really don’t want to. Cleaners and Typesetters would be a HUGE help, as well as a few more English proficient proofreaders. Translators would be a great help also (ANY LANGUAGE), so if you can help us in  any way please do so by applying under the “Contact Us” page.Screen+Shot+2016-08-20+at+12.05.52+AM

New Release: Full Ahead! Coco v13 c109

FAC-v13---067It’s Full Ahead! Friday once again, so that means we’ve got another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco for you all.

Full Ahead! Coco v13 c109 – Download

We’re still in the process of looking for cleaners to help us out. Our current cleaner has had something come up in his life causing him to take a bit of a break, leaving our typesetter to carry the cleaning workload as well. This will slow us down somewhat.
Even though we’re still currently sticking to our 2-chapter-per-week release schedule, we may have to revert back to 1-chapter-per-week soon if we can’t find a cleaner to help us out. Please, if you have any Photoshop experience, head on over to the recruitment page and apply to be a cleaner.

New Release: Full Ahead! Coco v13 c108

FAC-v13---047It’s Sweet Madonna Monday, so I’ve got another dose of Full Ahead! Coco for all of you folks out there looking to get your fix of pirates & peglegs (well, even though nobody in Coco has a pegleg, but you know what I mean). Download link is below!

Full Ahead! Coco v13 c108 – Download

Now, some of you may have seen this already (I posted it on Batoto a couple days ago), but I’ve compiled a bit list of serialization dates for Full Ahead! Coco. You can download an offline version from MediaFire Here, or you can check out the version I posted on Google Drive Here.

Or, if you don’t want to use either of those services, I’ve copied & pasted the entire list down below.

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New Release: Full Ahead! Coco v13 c107

FAC-v13---027Hey there, got a new chapter of Full Ahead! Coco for you guys on this Full Ahead! Friday. Sometimes I just don’t know what else to say in these posts, lol. Here’s a download link. Enjoy!

Full Ahead! Coco v13 c107 – Download

Oh! I know what I can mention.
Currently, we’re looking for more cleaners to help out on this series. Cleaning is really easy, so even if you have no experience, feel free to apply, and we’ll show you know it’s done.
Head on over to the Recruitment page and fill out the application there if you’d like to help us out. ^_^

New Release: Potato Chips, Plant Girls, and Oneshots, oh my!

So, I’ve got a couple of Oneshots for you today. Been a while since we’ve released any, and both of these just got finished recently, so we figured we’d release them together.

“Potechi” by AOI Tatsuya – Download
“Story of a Girl Growing Vines on Her Body” by Ito – Download

ポテチ_01The first one is called ポテチ or “Potechi”, which is a short way of saying “Potato Chips” in Japanese. This oneshot was written & illustrated by 青井たつや (AOI Tatsuya), and was serialized in Weekly Young Magazine 2014 no. 31 (released June 30th, 2014). The interesting thing about this oneshot is that it’s silent, focusing entirely on sound effects, with an opening and closing narration being the only actual lines in a script. Anybody who’s tried to translate Japanese sound effects into English knows that it’s not very easy to do accurately, which is why for this release we decided to keep both the Japanese SFX along with our translations of them.

The second oneshot, which was a joint project we did with Shoujo Sense is called 体に植物が生えた女の子の話 or “Story of a Girl 01Growing Vines on Her Body”. This is done by an artist named 糸 (Ito), who also goes by the pseudonyms レイニーサイダー(rainy cider) and “ametansan”. The oneshot was released on the author’s account on November 15, 2015.
Even though it appears their account is no longer active, you can still find more of their work on their profiles at the various sites below:


Anyway, that’s all for now, hope you enjoy both of these! Be sure to check back soon for more oneshots, as we seem to always be doing more of them all the time. ^_^

Full Ahead! Coco v13 c106

FAC-v13---007Well, it’s Sweet Madonna Monday, and that means I’ve got another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco for you guys!

Full Ahead! Coco v13 c106 – Download

This chapter starts off volume 13 of the series. Defying everybody’s expectations, we’re going to keep chugging along with this series without taking any breaks in-between volumes (well, at least no breaks this time, haha).

You may also notice that there are now serialization dates being shown on the credits page. I found an incredible source that lists information about every issue of FAC-v13_coverWeekly Shonen Champion dating all the way back to 1969… but also goes right up to the latest issues in 2016. Not only does it list which series were in each issue, but also which chapters were published in them. This website also lists information about Weekly Shonen Magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump, and Weekly Shonen Sunday. It’s really a rather incredible collection of information (provided you can read some Japanese). If you’d like to check out the site, you can find it here. As for my list of serialization dates for Full Ahead! Coco, I’m about a third of the way finished writing it up. Look for it in the future.

New Release: Frau Faust V.1 Ch.2

First off I would like to apologize for the wait. Sorry this took so long! Our editor went MIA so we decided to joint on the series with Artifical Demons so that should help with the speed. With that being said, here is Chapter 2 of Frau Faust for your reading pleasure.

Frau Faust V.1 Ch.2 – Download

On that note, we REALLY NEED CLEANERS AND ANOTHER TYPESETTER. If you can help, please apply!!!